Embracing the Pioneering Spirit

As the new year approaches, we reflect on the year that has past and look forward to the year to come. In our fast-paced world, it is easy to lose sight of who we are and what we are trying to achieve in our life time. So, we need to slow down and refocus, rethink our ideas and our choices and reconnect with who we are. … Continue reading Embracing the Pioneering Spirit

Where There’s Live Stock, There’s Dead Stock.

One of the realities of farming any form of livestock is that, as our old neighbor used to say, ‘where there’s livestock, there’s dead stock.’ The difference between our thoughts on this topic was the level of intervention and her unwillingness to accept that her dog was the leading cause of death in her chooks, but I digress.  When new to livestock … Continue reading Where There’s Live Stock, There’s Dead Stock.

Globe Artichokes

The Globe Artichoke is a stunning perennial suitable for both the edible and ornamental garden. It's large grey-green leaves add an architectural element to the garden and the large globe shaped buds open into an attractive purple bloom, which is loved by the bees. Vigorous, prolific, and hardy, this perennial is also edible and medicinal. … Continue reading Globe Artichokes

Seedling Fruit and Nut Trees

Drive down most rural roads and you will see naturalized fruit and nut trees along the roadsides and fence lines. These are scattered here and there by the toss of a core or stone from a passing car or spread by bird, possum or rodent. Left to develop, these natural plantings can evolve into wilding … Continue reading Seedling Fruit and Nut Trees

Common Linden or Common Lime 

  Tilia × europaea  The Common Linden or Lime is a large, broad, cold hardy deciduous tree, able to reach heights of 35m or more. With its deep spreading root system, it is a robust plant well suited to shelterbelts and hedgerows, as it with stands wind well and tolerates regular cutting. A naturally occurring hybrid between Tilia cordata  (small-leaved lime) and Tilia platyphyllos  (large-leaved lime), it is the result of cross pollination between the two parent species in the … Continue reading Common Linden or Common Lime 

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