Why Homesteading?

There are a lot of terms used in New Zealand for ‘living off the land’, Self-Sufficiency, Sustainable Living, Lifestyle Blocking, ‘Living the Good Life’, ‘Back to Basics’, so why Homesteading?

For me the term suggests the creation of a home as the heart of your living environment.  A place where all that you need or create originates from, a gathering place for the processing of food which actually nourishes. Where you are the producer not just the consumer and you are connected to the cycles of life which sustain you. It’s about keeping it real in an increasingly corrupt world…

Homesteading can be achieved on an urban section, an acre or two, or many acres. It is about choosing a simpler, cleaner lifestyle, reminiscent of a time long gone where what you produced yourself directly impacted on the quality of your life. Today it still is about quality of life, but more about knowing where your food comes from, how it is produced and what is really in it. How far you chose to immerse yourself and your family into the homesteading life is your choice. Medicines, clothing, building resources and fuel sources are all creatable from your own land or endeavours…

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