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About Fodder Farm

Since May 2016 we had been working on developing our small 2 acre farm into a (mostly) self-sufficient homestead. But in 2020 we had to opportunity to purchase a larger piece of land, 6.2 hectares of remote valley in the Ruapehu district. This move has also allowed us to achieve a long term goal of living off grid. But as with most properties this new land comes with its share of challenges, one of which is 4 hectares of pines, this area is to be returned to pasture and the landscape regenerated. So we start again on our little piece of paradise, developing, improving and enjoying. It is a journey that will take time, just as the plants around us take time to grow…

One of the focuses of Fodder Farm is to grow plants which enhance the sustainability of landscape in which we live. By growing plants which are multi use, soil enhancing, medicinal, shelter and fuel providing, or edible for both people and animals, we gain independence, self-reliance and often, health.

It is this other focus of Health which has led us to embrace the Homesteading way of life. The raising of animals for food, fiber and fertilizer etc. The growing of fruit and vegetables, fodder and forage for ourselves and our animals. An awareness of what we eat and what we use in our home and on our skin and hair, leading to making most of what we eat and use ourselves.

This journey is shared with you on our Facebook page Fodder Farm and in our group Homesteading New Zealand


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