The Land Dream – A Homesteader Point of View. 

We hear a lot about the ‘Great Kiwi dream of home ownership’ and about how hard it is now to step on the property ladder. We hear of the housing crisis and we see people living in cars and garages, to people living in mansions. We hear about the lack of houses, that we need more houses in … Continue reading The Land Dream – A Homesteader Point of View. 

Planning for Autumn and Winter Planting

Whether you are thinking of planting a home garden, an orchard, food forest, hedgerows, shelter belt, or a firewood or fodder/forage woodlot, planning for your Autumn and Winter planting is a must. (As my Husband always says... ‘Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance, the five P’s’ but I think I might change it to Planning Planting Prevents … Continue reading Planning for Autumn and Winter Planting

Fodder and Forage for Horses – a Natural System

Foreword...  I do not presume to know a lot about horses, their dietary and other needs, but at the encouragement of a horse owner I have forayed into the equestrian world to expand on our fodder/forage and hedgerow information. Please feel free to share feedback or information you may have in regards to this topic. Rebecca Stewart. Many of the recommendations on our Fodder and Forage page are for … Continue reading Fodder and Forage for Horses – a Natural System

Food Security – Rethinking the Source 

  “When all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. (The World Food Summit of 1996)    If there was a major disruption to the food supply network would you cope?  Civil Defence tells us that we need food and water for at least three days. Their recommendations are...  … Continue reading Food Security – Rethinking the Source 

Rosa Rugosa

The Rugosa Rose is one of the easiest roses to grow and in a wide variety of conditions. With its beautifully scented magenta blooms and large rose-hips it is a stunning addition to the garden or hedgerow. As it is extremely hardy the Rugosa Rose is often used in coastal plantings and on road verges. However, it is just at home in … Continue reading Rosa Rugosa

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